Welcome desk: The students information service can be contacted online, by telephone, or fixing an appointment, following the instructions here.

Information: A brief presentation of the University of Milano, and a Guide for international students.

Teaching: The programme is organized into 3 trimesters. The first one extends from September to December, the second from January to March, and the third from April to June. For the AY 2019/20, classes will start on Monday, September 23.

Exam sessions: There are six exam sessions throughout the Academic Year: four of them are placed between the trimesters (December, April, July, September), whereas the other two vary according to the course.

Fees: Fees are normally paid in two instalments. The first one is a flat regional tax that amounts to 156 euros, and need to be paid by everyone (during the enrollment, or each year before the first of October). The second instalment varies according to nationality and income. 
Italian students: from zero to 2900 euros depending on family income (university ISEE).
International students: from zero to 1000 euros depending on the country of origin for students without income or property in Italy (check here for the variable amounts).
For amounts of the second instalment equal to or above 700 Euro it is possible reschedule the payment in four parts of equal amount.

Scholarships: Check the following link for the scholarships and grant opportunities offered by the University of Milano. Check here for different options of fees exemptions.

Accomodation and meals: Check here the services provided by the University of Milano.

English: Students need a B2 level in order to take exams. If you don’t have any official certificate, you will have to take a placement test during the first trimester. If students don’t have the required English competences, they will have to take mandatory remedial courses before being able to sit any exam.

Italian: If you don’t have any basic competence in Italian language, you will have the opportunity to gain 3 credits in this language while, at the same time, fulfill this requirement. For those who want to further improve their Italian, Unimi offers free courses at different levels for all international students, including exchange students.

Other languages: Students need to pass a 3 credits assessment in a second language. You can choose among Italian (B1, for international students without any previous knowledge), French (B1), Spanish (B1), and German (A2). The Language center (SLAM) check the actual competences with a placement test. If students already exhibit the required competences, they will immediately get the 3 credits. Otherwise, SLAM offers the appropriate courses.  Students cannot take this second language assessment in theor own mother-tongue.


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