IPLE provides up-to-date knowledge in the fields of political science, law and economics, with a focus on the international dimension and adopting a comparative perspective.
Students will opt for one of two curricula: “International Politics and Economics”,  or  “International Politics and Law”.

In the former case, they will acquire a wide array of skills and tools for the comparative analysis of politics and economic policies; in the latter, they will concentrate on international relations issues, including international and European law, and the political history of specific geographical areas.

The only Bachelor's programme @ Unimi entirely taught in English

Freshmen familiarize themselves with the basic elements of history, sociology, law, political science and economics, and meet the first course of the chosen curriculum.  Two laboratories provide essential competences in logic and data analysis. English and a second language will be tested

Sophomores gain a deeper understanding of the international political, juridical and economic context and dynamics, learn some basic statistical tools, and test their writing and communication skills.  Another three to four curricula courses complete the necessary number of credits

Juniors complete the remaining four courses of the chosen curriculum, take twelve elective credits and the 3-credit labs or internship period (if they have not completed them during the previous years).  Eventually they prepare and submit the final essay

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And much more...

The best way to take the most from our Bachelor’s programme is to spend some time abroad in an exchange programme, follow some lab or do an internship period, and choose wisely the elective courses.
However, the faculty and the three departments offer much more than that.
A real scientific and intellectual environment, with daily seminars and initiatives.
Something that is worth experiencing, making some good friends, and profiting from Unimi sport, art and music projects.

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