1st trimester

2nd trimester

3rd trimester

Check in the table the common courses, and those belonging only to your curriculum.

IPLE: Common courses for all students 

IPE: Courses of the curriculum in International Politics and Economics

IPL: Courses of the curriculum in International Politics and Law

1st trimesterectsprogramme
Logic and Critical Thinking3IPLE
History of political theories 6IPLE
Contemporary history6IPLE
Data analysis3IPLE
2nd trimesterectsprogramme
Comparative social systems6IPLE
Public law9IPLE
Second language (Ita-Fre-Spa-Ger)3IPLE
3rd trimesterectsprogramme
Political science9IPLE
History of international relations9IPL
  • Students can not take the Second language assessment in their own mother tongue
  • Foreign students without a basic knowledge of the Italian language need to opt for Italian
  • Check with SLAM – the central Language center of the University – for further information 
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