1st trimester

2nd trimester

3rd trimester

During the AY 2019/20 we will activate just the first year of the new IPLE Bachelor’s programme. The second year will be activated during the AY 2020/21 and the third year during the AY 2021/22. Here we present the structure of the programme, and yet the details regarding the exact trimesters still need to be confirmed.

Check in the table the common courses, and those belonging only to your curriculum.

IPLE: Common courses for all students 

IPE: Courses of the curriculum in International Politics and Economics

IPL: Courses of the curriculum in International Politics and Law

1st trimesterectsprogramme
International law9IPLE
Writing and communication skills9IPLE
2nd trimesterectsprogramme
International relations9IPLE
International macroeconomics (1st part)6IPLE
Social research methodology6IPE
Sociology of globalization6IPL
3rd trimesterectsprogramme
International macroeconomics (2nd part)6IPLE
Advanced data analysis3IPE
EU law9IPL
War studies6IPL
  • During the second year, students are invited to start earning the 12 credits reserved to elective courses, and think at the possibility of an internship period or a laboratory 
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